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The Future of Bit Blast

It’s 2013 now, and Bit Blast has been out on the App Store for almost 4 months. Sales have been steady, but nothing to yell about, and that’s fine! I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported the game by trying

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iPhone 5

With universal support already built into Bit Blast, it should be painless to release an update that makes use of the imminent iPhone 5’s announced features. We expect (based on all the rumors) that the iPhone 5 will have a

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Build Process

I’m frequently asked what the build process/pipeline for Bit Blast is. I’ve gone through the pains of making my work accessible both from home and on the go as I like freedom to travel. Quite frankly it took a few

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The Music

The music in Bit Blast was an interesting endeavor. Click play to start listening to it and continue reading this post. Enlisting the help of Composer and artist John Tennant early in the process definitely allowed him to create an

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Game Modes

BitBlast has a few game modes in the works with a few planned surprises down the road. The primary game mode, available on day 1 is “Arcade”, with 2 additional game modes planned for near term updates. Arcade –┬áThis game

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What is Bit Blast?

Bit Blast is an arcade puzzle game for iOS devices, such as your iPhone or iPad. The goal of the game is to clear away bits from the screen by using your finger to swipe from one bit to any

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