Build Process

I’m frequently asked what the build process/pipeline for Bit Blast is. I’ve gone through the pains of making my work accessible both from home and on the go as I like freedom to travel.
Quite frankly it took a few iterations and it’s still not perfect. I haven’t done much on the Android side but I don’t expect it to deviate much either. Here’s some info.

The build setup is as follows:
An Amazon EC2 instance is used for file sharing and as a Perforce server using the free 20 user license (Thanks Perforce!).
Create art assets in 3D/2D art tools of choice.
Import assets in native formats to Unity 3D Pro
Code in MonoDevelop using a mixture of C# and Javascript (aka Unity Script)
Submit changes to Perforce
If working from Windows, connect to build machine (currently a 2009 Mac Mini) via RealVNC, if using OS X connect to build machine using Remote Desktop
Sync to Perforce server
Open Unity Project
Hit Build and Run (once the XCode project has been setup)
If working locally I’ll have a test device plugged in
If working remotely I’ll archive and submit to TestFlight and download the package over the air to the test device.

That’s it, and it works great for me.

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