Game Modes

BitBlast has a few game modes in the works with a few planned surprises down the road.

The primary game mode, available on day 1 is “Arcade”, with 2 additional game modes planned for near term updates.

Arcade – This game mode challenges you to blast bits against the clock. New levels are reached by obtaining the point requirements for that wave. Each bit-blast rewards points and time proportionate to the size of the bit-blast. Keep the clock ticking by chaining together bigger and larger successive bit-blasts. Compare your score to your friends and the community using Apple’s Game Center leaderboards.

Classic- This game mode feels most familiar to players of a classic Russian block puzzle management game. Bits continuously fall onto the board at an increasing rate from level to level. Your goal is to prevent any column from filling up and reaching the top of the screen.

Puzzle- Clear the board of all the bits within the required blast count. Over 30 challenging and clever levels await your mastery.


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