The Music

The music in Bit Blast was an interesting endeavor.
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Enlisting the help of Composer and artist John Tennant early in the process definitely allowed him to create an impact-full and suitable theme for the game.
We agreed early on that the music had to be dynamic and reactive to events occurring in the game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of “Dynamic Music”, the music changes based on the events in the game.
To illustrate a simple example of this, we detect if the player starts getting into a “groove” where they’re blasting string after string of bits and are generally doing well, we then transition the music to a slightly more intense version with more layers and depth in instrumentation and beat. And the reverse for when the player is not doing so well. This can be most noticed when the timer in Arcade mode reaches 0:10 seconds, where the music then transforms into a more frantic escalating beat, sending players into a panicked frenzy to blast bits to generate more time.

Regardless of if you noticed the dynamic nature of the music, it’s hard to argue it isn’t an excellent and catchy melody, filled with trance-like and worldly characteristics, i’m very satisfied with how it turned out.

We’re toying with the potential of having additional unique tracks and dynamic hooks for each game mode in the future, this has a major impact on download file size however.
There’s still potential for it though, so stay tuned!

Check out John on Soundcloud, you can also connect with him on Twitter @JohnTennant.

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